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The road transport community has been hearing about these tires for some years now, and they will become mandatory in California in 2018. Although they have sparked controversy among truckers, the famous “Super Single” tires (wide-band) are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the USA.

Marc Gagnée, tire expert at Gamache Truck Center, separates fact from fiction. So, is it worth converting to wide-band tires?


Fuel savings
Manufacturers estimate that you could save up to 10% of your fuel costs over long distances, which is significant. Why? Because the tires are lighter, they significantly reduce rolling drag and, consequently, resistance1. They could save you the equivalent of 400 gallons of fuel per year on long-haul trips!

Improved stability
Because the support width is greater, stability is clearly more effective with super single tires. “Buyers all agree, stability is better,” confirms Marc.

Prevents uneven wear
As the weight of the load is more evenly distributed over the entire width, the tires are more resistant to irregular wear.

Compliance with environmental standards
Slowly but surely, the trucking industry is going green. Look, for example, at California, which has adopted strict environmental standards. Wide-band tires are SmartWay certified because of the fuel savings they maintain.


Cons involve the lesser-known aspects of XL tires.

Repair difficulties
When the new tires arrived on the scene, many drivers feared they would not be able to find spare tires easily in case of flats. Since then, the situation has evolved. XL tires are increasingly popular and, as a result, spare tires are more available on the road. In recent years, the number of manufacturers offering this type of tire has also increased.

As this is a recent product, there is little data on wide-band tires in long-term use and real situations. It is therefore difficult to find real statistics on their effectiveness.


pneus michelin usagés  Wide-Band Tires: Pros and Cons 728 X 90 Pneus X One FR

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