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1- Turcot Interchange

Starts of construction : 2015      Expected completion : 2020

Cost : estimated at $3.7 billion

Every day, 300,000 vehicles, including more than 30,000 trucks, travel on the Turcot Interchange, hub of the Montreal highway system. In addition to connecting highways 15, 20 and 720 and facilitating access to the Champlain Bridge, it forms an essential link between the airport and downtown Montreal.

The project involves reconstruction of the Turcot, De La Vérendrye, Angrignon and Montreal West exchanges, which will be realized under or alongside the current structures. Highway 20 and the railroad tracks will, in turn, be moved north to the area between the Turcot and Montreal West exchanges.

The complexity of the project is heightened by the need to keep traffic moving during construction. For example, in anticipation of dismantling Hwy 720, which will begin later this year, detour roads such as the one between the Turcot interchange and Atwater Avenue will be built. That road will be converted to Route 136.

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2- Champlain Bridge

Start of construction : juin 2015      Expected completion : décembre 2018

*Final connections between the highways and the new bridge: Fall 2019

Cost of the public-private partnership project : $4.24 billion

The Champlain Bridge is the busiest bridge in Canada. Every day, more than 150,000 vehicles, including more than 12,000 trucks, use the bridge between Montreal and the South Shore. The new Champlain Bridge, with an estimated useful life of 125 years, is one of the largest infrastructure projects in North America.

The new bridge will have three segments: two three-lane sections for traffic and one two-lane section for public transit (reserved for buses or light rail system). With the speed limit increased to 90 km/h, the new bridge will also include a multipurpose path for pedestrians and cyclists.

The project includes :

  • Construction of the new 3.4 km Champlain Bridge
  • New 470-m bridge to L’Île-des-Sœurs
  • Widening of Hwy 15 between the Atwater interchange and the new bridge
  • Improving the Rte 132 and Hwy 10 ramps leading to the bridge from the South Shore

3- Hwy 85 – Claude-Béchard (final phase)

Start of construction : 2017      Expected completion : 2018

Cost of phase 3 : $947 million

Highway 85 replaces Route 185 between the New Brunswick border and Notre-Dame-du-Portage, a section of road that has had the reputation of being one of the most dangerous in the province. This road is vital for the transportation of goods between Quebec and the Maritime provinces.

The first two phases included expansion of a two-lane road to four lanes. The third and final phase of the project will improve the 40-km stretch between Saint-Antonin and Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! Eventually, Hwy 85 will be about 100 km long and will connect Rte 2 in New Brunswick to Hwy 20 at Rivière-du-Loup. As a result, the Trans-Canada Highway will become a continuous road between Arnprior (Hwy 417 in Ontario) and New Glasgow (Rte 104 in Nova Scotia).

4- Hwy 73

Start of construction : 2015      Expected completion : 2016

Cost  : $410.5 million

The extension of Robert-Cliche Hwy, which connects Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce and Saint-Georges, has become essential for the region, for security and for transporting goods and people.

A new stage of the Hwy 73 extension kicked off with the opening of a new stretch of road. With a length of 4.9 km, it connects 74e rue in Saint-Georges to rue des Pins in Notre-Dame-des-Pins. The extension comprises 3 phases, totalizing 17.7 km between Beauceville and Saint-Georges. The opening of the last section is planned for 2016.

5- Route 117 – Rouyn-Noranda

Start of construction : summer 2015      Expected completion : fall 2018

Cost  : $85 million

Construction of a 7.7-km bypass of Rouyn-Noranda will circumvent the city north of the city core and link current Rte 117 (ave. Larivière) to Rte 101 (rue Saguenay). The new bypass will improve traffic flow and security on the 117.

Work will be carried out in three phases:

  1. Construction of the new road (Summer 2015 to Fall 2017)
  2. Creation of roundabouts on routes 101 and 117 and paving the new road (Spring to Fall 2018)
  3. Development of an off-road bike lane (in operation Fall 2018)

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