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Gamache Tires is rolling at full speed: in two years, the tires department has straight out doubled. This success is attributed to our supply of high-quality North American brand tires and international brands at unbeatable prices! With more than 6,000 tires in stock, Gamache Group offers a wide range of products along with seamless service tailored to your needs.

Marc Gagné, director of tires, has an update on Gamache’s merchandise.

‘’Our experts first speak with you to establish your needs and determine the product that suits you best. Our supplies extend to all types of construction and road transport vehicles (long-distance and regional transportation). From light trucks tires to tires for concrete mixers, with sizes ranging from 17.5 to 24.5 inches and compositions adapting to load and road type, we have what you need.

‘’No matter the product, our volume purchasing allows us to sell our tires at the best price!’’

EN-prix-pneus  Truck Tires at Unbeatable Prices! EN prix pneus

Major Brands

Pros :

  • Long service life
  • Rubber resistance to high heat (excellent for long distances in hot climates)
  • Casing expedites retreading
  • High casing resale price

Cons :

  • Varying prices for the same model
  • Some brands change models often (difficult to find the same model later)

Economical Brands

Pros :

  • Excellent value/mileage/price
  • Unbeatable price (thanks to Gamache Group’s huge buying power)
  • Lower replacement cost (for regional transport)
  • Availability ensured at all times

Cons :

  • Not suitable for long distances in hot climates (such as California)

Used :

Pros :

  • 30% to 50% savings
  • All makes and models available
  • Simple warranty management, if needed (easy tire replacement)

Cons :

  • Tire a little worn


pneus gamache GRAND  Truck Tires at Unbeatable Prices! pneus gamache GRAND



For an informed choice, please contact our team::

Gamache Tires
Montreal, Saint-Paul-de-L’Île-aux-Noix
1 877 446-3881

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