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Like it or not, winter is almost here . . . Is your truck equipped for bad weather? Snow, sleet, ice . . . You need to be prepared!

Here is everything you need to know about traction tires.

Marc Gagné, tire expert at Gamache Truck Center, recommends traction tires to all drivers who face winter driving conditions.

Why? Because they offer a better grip on snow- and ice-covered roads. In other words, they increase your level of safety. “In winter, too much is better than not enough!” says Marc.

Why traction tires?

These winter tires guarantee enhanced road safety. They reduce the risk of skidding and improve your stability. You’ll be able to drive with peace of mind.

pneus-2 traction tires Traction Tires: Safety first! pneus 2

All types of roads

Traction tires are ideal for all types of geography and surfaces: regional roads, highways, city streets and even mountain roads. They feature hard-wearing cleats that allow you to move easily on the road, especially on slopes. Think about it: Fewer delays!

Siping or not?

You can choose tires with sipes that provide a superior grip on ice. Some tires include open grooves on the sides for improving the release of accumulated of snow. It all depends on what you need!

Warning: traction tires are not 4-season!

Traction tires are built for winter. Because their compound is softer, you should not use them in other seasons. They wear faster in the heat and, once winter returns, they will be less effective. We strongly suggest you have two sets of tires, just as you do for your car.
In winter, choose traction tires to guarantee your safety, avoid problems and give you peace of mind. The investment is worth it

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