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Every year in Quebec thousands of used trucks are sold. Mainly because there are hundreds of thousands of sellers like you, but also because a trustworthy and dependable intermediary serves the market.

The Gamache Group puts every bit of its capability to work for those who want to sell their trucks: “Our strength is our knowledge of the market and our immediate support,” says Louis Beauchamp, director of Gamache Group marketing and business development. Support? Yes, because that is exactly what happens the instant the Gamache team takes charge of a file. “We go to our customers’ premises and take them through all the steps, A to Z. We see to all the details,” Louis continues. Customer satisfaction is his #1 concern.

Is your Peterbilt the same age as your youngest, who’s now at university? Have you finally decided to part company with your Kenworth (that only you know how to treat properly?) Restructuring and need to downsize the fleet? There are many valid motives, but eventually you must face the music: It’s time to sell. Think twice, however, before trying to accomplish this by yourself on the Web or through the classifieds. As Louis reminds us, “Selling can be burdensome for customers without help.” Why forego the know-how of an expert?

A little advice? Call ahead.

steps  Selling Your Truck steps

And that’s all there is to it. In a typical scenario like this, the Gamache Group would recondition your truck (mechanically and visually) and put it up for sale on one of our platforms. Other approaches are also possible, depending on the circumstances.

Some people, for example, prefer to have the Gamache Group simply show the truck as-is on their website to find a buyer (on consignment). The transaction is concluded between the seller and the final buyer. In such a situation, preparation fees and a commission are to be expected.

But don’t worry, there are as many options between these two approaches as there are different requirements: “It’s the customer who decides,” says Louis enthusiastically. It’s your call!

Benefits-of-assistance  Selling Your Truck Benefits of assistance

Your truck’s sales potential

Some people still doubt the selling potential of their truck. It’s in poor shape, too damaged, falling to pieces, etc. Before sending your vehicle to the junkyard, though, let us evaluate it. You may be surprised at how much potential oomph your truck still has, here or abroad. And even if it can no longer be driven, its parts can be salvaged or it can be used to train the next generation

Bobby-3  Selling Your Truck Bobby 3 Bobby-2  Selling Your Truck Bobby 2 Bobby-1  Selling Your Truck Bobby 1

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