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Dear Readers,

I am happy and proud to present the first edition of Gamache Mag!

This magazine is a pastiche of Gamache’s many hues. You’ll discover—I hope— the many facets of the Gamache Group. We have noticed for some time now that, more often than not, people are only familiar with one of our many components: used parts and export, heavy truck buying and selling, tires or financing. But the Gamache Group is all these combined.

So we decided to consolidate our image and bring all our different activities under the same name: Gamache Group, the heavy truck experts. We hope that this will clarify what we have to offer and, at the same time, consolidate our presence in the Québec and Canadian heavy truck market.

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as we enjoyed putting it together. For access to exclusive multi-media content, read GamacheMag online


Richard-Gamache  Message From The President Richard Gamache

Richard Gamache

Gamache Group

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