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After GAMEX – Exports and GAMEX – parts, it’s GAMEX – The Road Transport Accident Recovery Expert

When misfortune hits, insurance companies call on us to handle everything, leaving you with peace of mind.

We have recently redefined the GAMEX mission. We have also revised our image and clarified various roles. The company is now divided into three divisions: GAMEX – Exports, GAMEX – Parts and GAMEX – The Road Transport Accident Recovery Expert.

You may already be familiar with GAMEX for its parts sales and export services. In fact, we currently ship a vast array of parts, used heavy trucks, and trailers to more than 35 countries. We are also the largest supplier of used heavy vehicle parts to dealers and businesses in Quebec, Ontario and the Northeastern United States.

We have now added a new tool to our bag by partnering with insurance companies as experts in road transportation accident recovery. For several years now we have offered full post-accident support for heavy vehicles, boats, trailers and others through our various services.

The advantages of doing business with Gamex – The Road Transport Accident Recovery Experts

  • Fast and structured response that often results in easy replacement rather than total loss
  • Experienced team that expedites post-accident formalities and simplifies procedures
  • Comprehensive integrated support for client needs when dealing with road accidents: logistics, transport, administration and warehousing

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