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Teamwork has made the Gamache family an important industry heavyweight in North America. Established in 1971, the Gamache Group now boasts more than 125 team members who are passionate about trucks. A terrific team that has become one big family!


Benoît Blouin

1.-Benoît-Blouin  Gamache: One Big Family 1


With Gamache for: 5 years

Benoît is none other than the head honcho of the lot. He moves trucks in and out of the garage, boosts them, shifts trailers and tractors around and prepares vehicles for delivery to customers. The cherry on the sundae? He also tows.

“The atmosphere here is a lot of fun. Everyone works with a smile on their face.”


Jason Charbonneau

2.-Jason-Charbonneau  Gamache: One Big Family 2

With Gamache for: 5 years

At first, Jason was a cutter and dismantled trucks. Today, he is responsible for the retail sale of parts, engines and even damaged trucks. He is a real chameleon and goes from office to lot effortlessly.

“What I like is that there is always new challenges here.”


Jean-François Fortin

3.-Jean-François-Fortin  Gamache: One Big Family 3

With Gamache for: 15 years

Jean-François started off working in the yard, then as a computer technician before taking over development and marketing. He is now part of a large family that he loves working with.

“I don’t see myself anywhere else but here. They’ll never get rid of me—I’m part of the furniture!”


Daniel Lamanque

4.-Daniel-Lamanque  Gamache: One Big Family 4

With Gamache for: 7 years

Daniel started out as a buyer and seller on the road. For two years now, he has been in the office full time, to the chagrin of his colleagues, who bravely endure his many tricks and jokes. It’s just pure luck he found himself at Gamache.

“I’m proud to work for a Quebec family business that keeps moving forward and growing.”


Michel Bouchard

5.-Michel-Bouchard  Gamache: One Big Family 5

With Gamache for: 10 years
Michel is our jack-of-all-trades. He can do anything from painting trucks to rebuilding chassis. There’s nothing he can’t do, but his main task is sandblasting.
“It’s a true dream to work here. It’s fun doing something you love.”


Gilberte Raymond

6.-Gilberte-Raymond  Gamache: One Big Family 6

With Gamache for: 3 months

Newly arrived at Gamex, Gilberte works in the damaged truck department. Despite intensive training and the fact that she is constantly learning, she loves her job and her new colleagues.

“I am the only woman in the Gamex department and I’m pretty proud. I feel very comfortable as a woman in this industrie and I’m very well respected. There’s a great group dynamic here, everyone is very nice.”

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