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At Gamache, funding is simple and tailored to your needs. “We work with all budgets, regardless,” says Martin Lestage, Gamache Group business manager. He and his team will go to great lengths to ensure buyers’ satisfaction, simplifying the procedure to its basic form.

No complicated procedures, no lengthy delays. Quite the contrary. “It’s really fast and they even brought the papers to me to sign!” says Carole Demers, President of Pavages RSM. She bought a ten-wheeler, a wing and a shovel for her snow removal and paving company, all funded by a capital lease (lease to purchase), by far the most popular financing product. “95% of our customers choose this option,” adds Lestage. The wide variety of funding sources keeps interest rates in the competitive range and makes the products offered extremely flexible.

And it is not limited to sales transactions between buyers and Gamache. Nothing prevents you from finding another seller and knocking on Gamache’s door to finance the preferred truck.


Found elsewhere, financed here

Not many people know about this, but it is possible. “It’s a service we offer. We can finance buyers, even if they do not purchase the truck from us,” says Lestage. “It represents 15% of our transactions.” This is what Normand Bourgault, president of Transport TNB, did. He had heard about this opportunity through an acquaintance. “I went through Gamache for financing and it was super easy,” he says, obviously very satisfied with the purchase and the helping hand. Because, as Lestage points out, it is also a “way for us to help companies start up.” Spread the word and look into it when the time comes.



Extended warranty

The Gamache Group offers Premium 2000+ medium extended warranties covering class 3, 7 and 8 mid- and heavy-weight.

  • Standard 12-, 18- or 24-month guarantees
  • Pinnacle 36 months and Pinnacle Plus 48 months guarantees
  • Components covered:
    • Engine, transmission, differential, turbocharger, fuel injectors, diesel particulate filters

For details, contact the Gamache Group.

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